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Tips for Moving Heavy Equipment

Tips for Moving Heavy Equipment


If you need to move heavy equipment, there will be a number of challenges. The weight and size of large equipment will make moving a more involved process. Obviously, it is not as easy as moving an office or home. These tips will help guide you and will make the process more straightforward. There are many heavy equipment movers with the expertise needed to move large, uncommon items and they can be of service to you also.


Organize and Plan


Before you move anything, put together a detailed plan. Determine who will do what task and make sure they have a clear understanding of what that will be. Know the amount of time each item should take, including the moving company. Every person needs to work on their own action items without delays. It will cost you time and money if everything does not stay on schedule. Make sure the heavy equipment movers can comply with your schedule needs.




You will want to get quotes from different companies. Some will offer package deals. Also, look into the services provided by the moving company, some will audit, take apart, pack and transport your equipment. Know what they are offering, for what price and what to expect from them once they arrive to deliver the equipment. Will they put everything back together?


Stock of Inventory


Make sure, before you move, that you take an inventory. Know the condition of everything and exactly what you have. Take pictures so you can prove damage, if necessary. It is worth the time and money to have a field engineer do an evaluation inspection of your heavy equipment. This will let you know what condition your machines are in and allow you to plan for special moving conditions if needed.


Hire Movers


Finally, you want to hire heavy equipment movers. Know exactly what you can expect from the company, know how the process will go, all expenses and have a time table. Verify any permits have been submitted, if they are needed for hauling.


Though moving heavy equipment may seem like a daunting task, it isn’t really. As long as you are organized and stick to a plan, the move will be easier then you thought.


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