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Container Drayage Provider: Qualities to Look for

Container Drayage Provider: Qualities to Look for


Bad logistics can result in ever growing costs and expenses. If you want to stop wasting company resources and start improving your bottom line, it’s essential that you go for effective and smart logistics. One way to pull this off is to opt for the right container drayage provider. Here are some of the qualities you should look for to make sure you’re picking out the right provider for your transportation needs:


Quality of customer service


Most people simply take a look at the list of services that a provider offers, checks the cost within their budget and then says yes, if it fits. But customer service is also an important factor and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. In case of problems or issues, you’ll have to get in touch with a customer service representative and you want someone who’s going to be knowledgeable, competent and professional. So if the service you get is less than satisfactory or if the company representative is rude or patronizing in any way, that really wouldn’t make for an ideal transaction. So be wise about choosing a provider. Pick one that offers premium customer service.


Expert knowledge and proactive


In this business, it’s essential to pick a company that’s always on top of their communication. So go for someone prompt and responsive. Delays in communication can be problematic and could lead to a number issues. Have an emergency? Things won’t always go according to plan so it’s best to go for a provider that can readily hand out solutions that work. You won’t have to worry about shipments coming in late so long as you have a team that can provide you with flexible and competent solutions.


Its always recommended to choose a provider who knows your shipping world, and talks your language. Port availability, transloadings, chassis, overweight limitations, amongst other factors, plays a key role when moving containers across North America.


Extensive network


It’s also wise to choose a provider with an extensive drayage network. That means a more seamless operation, ensuring any goods are transported with ease and convenience. This can mean less stress on your part as well.


So if you’re looking for drayage services in the U.S., contact us at 1A Transportation Group. We’re here to help.



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