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Benefits of a Good 3PL Provider

Benefits of a Good 3PL Provider


Today, many companies are realizing the benefits of third party logistic services. In fact, they can help you find better full load and LTL trucking services and keep up with your competitors. But what exactly is a 3 PL and what can it do for you? Let’s look closer to explore some of the possibilities.


What Does 3 PL Mean?


Third party logistics is all about outsourcing shipping, order filling and other logistic needs. When you turn your business over to a reputable 3 PL you have assistance with warehousing, shipping like LTL trucking services and managing logistics operations.

What is Logistics?


Logistics is a term which is thrown around frequently in the 21t Century but not many people really know what it means. Most people think it means shipping and warehousing but it is much more than that. Logistics is all about movement, whether it is people, goods or raw materials for manufacturing. Warehousing and shipping are part of logistics but managing the movement of goods involves taking them from the production process until they are placed in the hands of the wholesale customers.


Managing logistics can mean the difference between failing and succeeding, especially with the high cost of warehousing and shipping these days. This makes proper management absolutely essential and is the main reason companies are looking for professional help.


Help with Shipping


Proper shipping concerns not only cost, but the right method of transport. Your 3 PL can help you with:


  • LTL trucking services
  • Full trailer load shipping
  • Oversized transport management and shipping
  • Air cargo
  • Marine shipping
  • Container drayage


In addition to these shipping services you can also enjoy:


  • Freight consolidation assistance
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution management


When you outsource these important services, you save a great deal of time and company resources. This gives you more time for other important issues.


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